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Have a comment about my site? Have an idea for making my site better? Want to ask a question about something that you didn't understand on my site? Seen a fault, dead link, missing picture files, or worst of them all, out-dated, inaccurate, incomprehensible or uninteresting content? Well, you can a) sit back and hope that I'll realise exactly what you had in mind and update my site, b) just surf away and never come back or c) let me know what you had in mind. That way, you'll be helping yourself, the fellow surfer and me in the quest for better content on the Internet. So, just fill in the form and press the send feedback button, I'll respond to it as quickly as I can.



If, after pressing the feedback button, you get some server busy response, then I'm sorry, but there's little that you can do about that except to try again (at a different time perhaps, if the problem persists). If you get some other error, which would seem to indicate that there's a problem with this feedback form, e-mail me so that I may fix it (or put someone else to fix it, if the problem is at the server end).

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