Complete Starcraft installation and running guide for Linux+Wine-systems

This document describes how to install and run Starcraft (a game by Blizzard Entertainment) on a system that does not have Windows 95, NT 4.0, or later installed, but instead has a Linux operating system installed.

Last updated on July 12th 2008 (final update): The absolutely positively very last final ultimate update to this document. Just writing in to inform that I will not be able to help you with any Starcraft and/or Wine related issues. Go to the WineHQ website and proceed from there to the AppDB or wherever if you wish to find help with your issues. Emailing me won't get you anything other than a polite answer telling what I just wrote above, if even that. Thank you all for your time. Also, please note that this document is preserved here only for archival purposes and probably is not helpful in setting up Wine/Starcraft, quite possibly it will all go wrong if you try to follow it in any way. You should in all likelihood ignore it.


Hardware and software requirements:

As far as I know, the hardware required is the same as for running Starcraft in Windows:

The software required:

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Starcraft installation and updating:

Note: This installation guide is for those who want to/have to install Starcraft on a Linux partition using Wine. It is not necessary, if you can and have installed Starcraft under a Windows system: it should work fine as long as the partition Starcraft is installed to is visible in Linux with long file names intact and Wine is correctly configured. If this is the case, you might want to skip straight to the Playing Starcraft section. If you have not successfully installed/configured Wine, see the Wine FAQ and the Wine man pages. For a quick start, I recommend you download the latest Wine source release tarball you can find, and use the wineinstall script to install it (see the README file that comes with Wine). Things to remember if you don't use wineinstall:

The next step is to run the installation program ("wine --winver win95 install.exe" in the mounted cdrom drive directory, NOTE: the --winver switch is needed for the install to complete properly, the WineLook setting in the wine.conf does not do the same thing as the --winver switch). The installation program should work regardless of your current video mode (unless you want to see the Warcraft Adventures and Diablo II video bits), but on my machine at least the colours were all wrong in 16bpp mode, and the graphic text buttons could not be seen in an 8bpp mode. If you can't make the texts appear in the initial screen, you can find the installation button by moving the mouse in the left half of the screen from top downwards and clicking left mouse button when you hear the first "twok" or whatever, if you have sound working (if it is, you should have already heard a sound while the installation menu was loading), otherwise you'll just have to work systematically.

Once you've clicked the Install button in the installation program, it will ask whether to install DirectX 5 or not (answer "no, but continue anyway"), and about the installation directory (with old Wine versions the default does not work, use c:\scraft for those, most Wine versions should be able to handle almost any directory name you throw at them). The rest of the questions are self-explanatory. By now, you should already be seeing the installation progress bars. Sooner or later it will produce an error (if it instead completes successfully with no errors, it means that this bit of the HOWTO needs updating, not that something is terribly wrong). The error you should get is the "cannot execute staredit" variety, any other error indicates a problem with your Wine setup (lack of premade Windows directories and registry entries are the most probable cause). Exit the install and run StarEdit manually ("wine StarEdit.exe" in the installation directory), it puts some more stuff in the registry (this phase probably isn't necessary, but it doesn't hurt either).

At this point you might want to register Starcraft if you haven't already done so.

Updating Starcraft is a piece of cake assuming the installation of Starcraft was successful. Just download the patch, run it, go to the Starcraft installation directory, where bnupdate.exe should have appeared, run it, and it should patch the game and tell you it was successful in it. If instead it tells you to reinstall Starcraft, follow the advice, the patch doesn't work unless the installation has been completed properly.

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Playing Starcraft:

Make sure the drive Starcraft is installed on is one listed in your ~/.winerc or global wine.conf.

# Author: Brian King
# Comments partially edited by Ilkka Forsblom
# TODO: Check if the cdrom in the drive is the starcraft cdrom.
NORMINST="/mnt/hda1/Program Files/Starcraft/StarCraft.exe"
# If you have a separate spawn installation, running this script
# with the argument "spawn" will run the spawn installation
# (defined here) instead.
SPAWNINST="/home/dos/Program Files/starcraft/StarCraft.exe"
# This should be your cdrom device ... it should also be in your
# wine.conf somewhere...
# This file should be an XF86Config file with only the 640x480x8bit
# entry available. The file should be in the same directory as the
# default XF86Config file.
# uncomment for esound support
#SOUND="/usr/bin/esddsp "

ISLINK=`/bin/ls -l $DEVICE|grep "\->"`
if [ "x${ISLINK}" != "x" ] ; then
    DEVICE=`/bin/ls -l $DEVICE|sed -e 's/.*-> //'`

DFOUT=`df|grep $DEVICE`

# I believe this should flush all buffers to disk and minimize damage
# if starcraft fails. I added this because I just lost my last 5 days of
# work from a starcraft crash.

# if the cdrom isn't mounted and we're not playing a spawn game
if [ "x${DFOUT}" = "x" ] && [ "x${TYPE}" != "xspawn" ] ; then
 # mount cdrom
 echo "enter cdrom then hit enter"
 read enter
 mount $DEVICE
echo $TYPE
if [ "x${TYPE}" = "xspawn" ] ; then
 xinit $SOUND /usr/local/bin/wine --display :1 "$SPAWNINST" -- :1 -xf86config $CONFIG
 xinit $SOUND /usr/local/bin/wine --display :1 "$NORMINST" -- :1 -xf86config $CONFIG

killall wine

Notes on playing:

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Starcraft/WINE IPX How-To

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Miscellaneous notes:

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Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Ilkka Forsblom. Many thanks to LinuxGames, Rob Latham, Brian King, Ove Kaaven, Juergen Schmied, Chris Chiappa, Donald Giuliano and everyone else who has provided information for this document.

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